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Personal Training

You can transform your body and see great results in 6 weeks. After 15 years as a personal trainer, I have developed an approach that is highly effective and extremely

and short rest periods. I believe it is important to work large muscle groups and alternate upper and lower body while maintaining a good tempo to tackle both cardio and strength training.simple. With my fitness, nutrition and supplement plan you can strip body fat, improve your body shape, get a flatter stomach, have more energy and vitality, and increase your mental sharpness.

My Get Body Beautiful personal training program is based on two high intensity training sessions per week and it designed to be super-efficient with compound exercises

My approach is ideally suited for busy executives and celebrities with whom I work, who want to achieve maximum results in a limited period. I find that most women want to tone their legs, shoulders, arms, back and midsection and lose a few extra pounds. My training approach focuses on the following:

1) high-intensity strength training with large muscle groups

2) planned recovery days

3) interval training and small muscle groups

4) consistently good nutrition

5) supplementation for better results